Terratech Road Construction Technology provides an alternative to standard asphalt and concrete road construction through the use of technologically advanced polymers which create stable road surfaces from existing soils. Our polymer products are designed to be used in accordance with standard construction methods and when used for sub-base, base, and wearing course stabilization and sealing, are extremely effective in increasing strength properties of properly engineered roads with correct drainage.

Non-treated Road
Polymer Treated Road


road_work_ahead_14322203TERRATECH polymer stabilization products are easy to use and dry rapidly for minimal down-time and traffic impact.  All of our products are engineered to be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous.  Our products are more economical and easier to install than standard road building methods.  Integrating TERRATECH polymer technology into road construction will provide a multitude of short and long-term cost benefits including:

  • Reduced fines migration from base, sub-base and wear course
  • Decreased rolling resistance and increased ride performance
  • Less rutting, spalling, raveling and surface degradation
  • Dust suppression and particulate emission control
  • Reduced infiltration, improved run-off and erosion control
  • Increased load bearing capacity
  • Reduced wear on vehicles



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