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Project Description: Terratech used T-PRO® 200 polymer to minimize erosion and shifting of sand berms along nearly 200Km of track for the Saudi Rail Organization (SRO).

Project Objectives: High winds in the Arabian desert cause blinding sandstorms. Those same winds erode protective containment berms along high traffic rail lines and deposit sand on the tracks. Shifting sands are a constant maintenance problem and safety hazard for the SRO. Terratech used T-PRO® 200 acrylic copolymer along several sections of rail to topically treat the sand containment berms. Extensive laboratory testing and site trials determined the proper water/ polymer solution to penetrate deep into the sand and create a hard, wind resistant, crust.

The polymer treated surface will keep the sand in place and reduce sand migration and reduce deposits from accumulating on the tracks . T-PRO 200 has been tested to withstand surface wind velocity greater than 100 miles per hour with no deterioration of surface crust. The T-PRO 200 polymer is an eco-friendly alternative to the crude oil previously used to stabilize the containment berms. Polymer stabilization will reduce the frequency and scope of maintenance work from monthly sand clearing and sweeping to 18 months between applications.

Equipment Used: High Capacity Pump/Spray System

Application Specifications: Berm sections treated with a cost effective and highly durable coverage rates specifically designed for this application.

Maintenance Requirements: Topical re-application of polymer every 18 months or as necessary.

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