Project Description: Terratech constructed a helicopter landing pad using a heavy infused polymer application over decomposed granite and in-situ soil materials.

Project Objectives: Terratech used polymer stabilization to construct a tough wear course capable of withstanding wind erosion and surface abrasion caused by landing helicopters. A heavy dose of T-PRO® 500 polymer was used to develop bearing capacity and high-strength bonding between course and fine soil particles. The existing soil was milled and blended with the polymer solution to a homogeneous mixture and then compacted in place. A final seal coat was hand applied with a pressurized pump system and a fire hose. The mix of existing soil and well-graded course grained material created a smooth surface finish for the landing pad.

Equipment Used: Grader, Tractor with Harrowing Disc Attachments, Water Truck with Pressurized Spray Bar, Smooth Drum Roller, Vibrating Pneumatic Roller.

Application Specifications: Infused application with T-PRO® 500 polymer dosing at 2.0% by total weight of material treated. All sections sealed with a topical seal coat at a coverage rate of 100 ft²/gal.

Maintenance Requirements: Removal of loose material from shoulder surface and topical re-application of polymer seal coat at a coverage rate of 115 ft²/gal.

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