Project Description: T-PRO® 500 polymer created pedestrian pathway and solved tracking problem in decomposed granite landscaping.

Project Objectives: The primary objective was to create a non-tracking surface for pedestrian and bike access through a newly landscaped public easement. The landscaped area separated a parking area from the adjacent street and sidewalk. The decomposed granite was being tracked onto paved areas, causing loose material to be spread over hard surfaces and creating a safety hazard for cyclists riding on the adjacent sidewalk. By using T-PRO® 500, the local municipality was able to construct a hard, durable surface for pedestrian access and prevent migration of material onto paved areas without installing costly concrete curbing. T-PRO 500 was topically applied over compacted decomposed granite and left to cure for a period of 48 hours. T-PRO 500 solved the landscape and erosion maintenance problem and eliminated the need for costly curb construction.

Equipment Used: Mixing tank, walk behind compactor and hand operated sprayer equipment.

Application Specifications: Pathway treated with a 100 ft2/gal topical application at a dilution ratio of 3:1 (water:polymer).

Maintenance Requirements: Re-compaction of loose material and topical re-application of polymer annually, biannually or as necessary.

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