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Project Description: Terratech stabilized an unpaved equestrian ranch road to control dust and create a low maintenance, permanent surface.

Project Objectives: T-PRO® 500 polymer was used to create a smooth, rut-free surface for lightweight vehicle traffic and equestrian use. The existing soil consisted of cobbles, gravel and low plasticity clay material. During wet weather, the surface became soft and rutted from vehicle traffic. The ranch owner wanted to create an all-weather surface that would be low-maintenance and provide a smooth, natural looking road to preserve the rural qualities of the ranch and the surrounding land. Prior to the polymer application, soil samples were taken and laboratory tested to determine index properties. The existing subgrade was re-compacted in place and import material was mixed-in to create the wear course. The project took several days to complete and a topical seal coat was applied after the infused application cured to create a tough, long-wear surface finish. The completed road was both equestrian and vehicle friendly. Horses were able to easily stop while loping and vehicles traversed smoothly without creating dust.

Equipment Used: Grader, Water Truck with Spray Bar, Smooth Drum Roller and a Pneumatic Roller.

Application Specifications: Infused application with T-PRO® 500 polymer dosing at 0.65% by weight of material treated. Topical seal coat at a coverage rate of 100 ft²/gallon.

Maintenance Requirements: Removal of loose material from surface and annual topical re-application of polymer seal coat at a coverage rate of 150 ft²/gallon.