Project Description: Terratech constructed a private access road for a new residential development using gravel amended in-situ soils and high performance T-PRO® 500 copolymer.

Project Objectives: The property developer wanted to retain the natural aesthetic of the surrounding landscape and use in-situ stabilization to create a durable, smooth surface road to provide functional daily access for the residents. The road was therefore engineered with both lightweight passenger vehicle traffic and occasional heavy service truck access in mind. Prior to polymer application, soil samples were taken and laboratory tested to determine index properties. The existing silty sand soils were amended with 10% gravel to create a wear resistant, dust-free surface and high load bearing capacity. The project took several days to complete and a topical seal coat was applied after the infused application to create a tough, long-wear surface finish.

Equipment Used: Grader, Tractor with Harrowing Discs, Water Truck with Spray Bar, Smooth Drum Roller.

Application Specifications: Infused application with T-PRO® 500 polymer dosing at 0.65% by weight of material treated. Topical seal coat at a coverage rate of 100 ft²/gallon.

Maintenance Requirements: Removal of loose material from surface and topical re-application of polymer seal coat at a coverage rate of 150 ft²/gallon.

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