Terratech offers a range of road construction and soil stabilization products that are environmentally friendly, easy to install and low-cost. Our products are available throughout Latin America, Europe, Middle East and the United States. The Terratech T-PRO® polymer products have been extensively tested and designed to address various soil stabilization issues from surface hardness and bearing capacity to dust control and erosion resistance.

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T-PRO 500 is a high performance latex polymer designed specifically for road construction and soil stabilization. T-PRO 500 increases bearing capacity and shear strength as a wear course. It provides outstanding performance and cost effective maintenance of unpaved roads and surfaces in a range of applications. It is highly water resistant and stable under wet conditions without breakdown or leaching when used in accordance with stated preparation and installation instructions.


TPro 400HT

T-PRO 400HT is a high-strength latex co-polymer designed specifically for high temperature film formation and arid climates. T-PRO 400HT polymer develops high compressive strength when mixed with soil and provides excellent abrasion resistance when used as a topical seal coat in wear course stabilization. It is highly water resistant when fully cured and stable under wet conditions, like all Terratech polymer products. It does not breakdown or leach and provides long term stabilization of fines in base materials.


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T-PRO 200 is a latex copolymer specifically formulated for non-traffic dust control applications, designed to form a flexible and durable skin over all soil surfaces. This product can be applied in all climates and dries quickly for rapid encapsulation of particulates and bonding to subgrade. T-PRO 200 is not easily disturbed and can withstand foot and occasional light vehicular traffic. T-PRO 200 provides excellent penetration characteristics and quickly locks the surface into a wind resistive cap.