Our design team focuses on each client and each project individually to develop installation protocols that suit the job and the site conditions.  We engineer, test and develop the best methodology for each project to meet the performance expectations of our clients.

Our road construction design approach combines:

  • Soil characterization methods
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Construction and engineering principals
  • Standardized lab testing methods

The combination of polymerization and mechanical compaction increases density, hardness and agglomeration of soil particles into a defined matrix.  The polymer developed soil particle cohesion and decreased permeability reduce seasonal volume changes and degradation of the road surface from traffic wear and the elements.

Based on project objectives, the primary means of polymer application are INFUSED and TOPICAL.


Infused Application - Road Reclaimer


  • Mix polymer solution with the soil subgrade to a single lift thickness of 10 to 15 cm (4 to 6 inches)
  • Compact in place
  • Cure for a minimum period of 72 hours
  • Apply topical seal coat

Polymer Modified Soil Section wht sm




  • 000_4467_120px
    Topical Application - Water Truck with a Spray Bar
    Spray polymer solution over a prepared subgrade
  • Cure for a minimum period of 72 hours
  • The topical installation ranges from a single application to several successive applications based on the infiltration characteristics of the soil

Polymer Treated Soil Surface wht sm



The maintenance of treated soils consists of an annual topical reapplication of polymer.  More frequent application may be required as function of wear caused by traffic and weather conditions.  The amount of polymer decreases with each maintenance event where the successive applications contain 20 to 40 percent less polymer than the previous.  Since the polymer solution is non-leaching, the polymer solids accumulate in the soil over time and therefore decrease the required polymer dosing with each maintenance event.



Our Technical Specifications provide an in depth, step-by-step, protocol for earthworks, polymer infused soil stabilization and application of topical seal coat.  It is the sole responsibility of the Client and their Contractor to be completely familiar with these Technical Specifications and follow all local, state and federal regulations pertaining to the work.

Contact Terratech for a copy of the General Earthwork and Polymer Application Specification document.