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Design Criteria

This application solidifies the top 6 mm (0.25 inches) of soil surface for increased strength, dust, and erosion control.  The graded surface is treated with a topical seal coat of the polymer solution and air-cured for 48 to 72 hours depending on the ambient temperature conditions.

For topical applications, no laboratory testing is typically required.  A field soil classification (ASTM 2488) and a qualitative site assessment are generally sufficient to determine the suitability of the soil material and viability of the application.  The site assessment also establishes performance criteria, proper dosing and anticipated maintenance schedule. Soils which perform well must be permeable enough to absorb the polymer solution and cohesive enough to maintain bearing capacity under loading.


Before application, all loose material must be removed and the surface must be graded for proper drainage. Loose material will break-up immediately after traffic resumes and create surface tension which decreases polymer infiltration. Typically, a grader with a blade attachment is used to remove loose material and a pneumatic roller is used to compact and seal-in any remaining fine material prior to application.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Grader – with the proper blade attachment(s),
  • Water truck – with a pressurized spray bar designed to apply the product at a controlled rate
  • Pneumatic Roller

Application Rates

[superheightadjust]Dosing ratios are site-specific and vary based on soil properties, traffic and drainage conditions. More frequent maintenance may be required in heavy traffic areas. The area coverage rates range from 1.96 m2/L (80 ft2/gal) for heavy traffic applications to 2.45 m2/L (120 ft2/gal) for light applications.[/superheightadjust]