Residential Subdivision Road Stabilization

Nestor Falls • Ontario, Canada

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Project Description: A newly constructed unpaved residential road was treated with T-PRO® 500 polymer to control fugitive dust emissions.

Project Objectives: Purpose of the topical polymer application was not only to control the amount of dust generated by traffic but also to create a hard, low-maintenance unpaved road surface for the subdivision residents. The road base was newly built and consisted of a layer of geo-synthetic filter cloth, 600mm of class "B" base (3" minus) gravel material, and 150mm of Class "A" base (3/4") surface material. The road was constructed with excellent surface water conveyance structures including drainage ditching and culverts. The import base used to construct the final wear surface was prepared in accordance with the technical specifications for optimal moisture content and maximum dry density. The local contractor did an excellent job developing a homogenous surface with an even surface porosity and limited material segregation despite the low presence of fines in the mix.

Equipment Used: Grader, Water Truck with Spray Bar, Smooth Drum Roller.

Application Specifications: Topical application at a coverage rate of 70 ft²/gallon.

Maintenance Requirements: Removal of loose material from surface and topical re-application of polymer seal coat at a coverage rate of 120 to 150 ft²/gallon.

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