Dust Control On Mine Haul Roads


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Project Description: Terratech reduces mining impact on the environment and surrounding communities through effective and lasting particulate emission control on mine haul roads in Chile.

Project Objectives: Terratech products were chosen as a cost saving alternative to standard water-only dust control on haul roads. The reduction in water consumption through the use of polymer will save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. This remote and arid mining site currently pumps water from a source 155 miles (250 km) away and processes it through a de-salination system before use, thus making water a very expensive resource. Polymer dust control would change the need for maintenance from daily watering to quarterly applications. It will also reduce wear on vehicles and tires by decreasing the roll resistance of the surface. Improvement in tire and engine life span is an important factor to the mine operator whose daily operation includes over 70, 24-ton haul trucks making runs on a 16 mile haul road.

Equipment Used: Water truck.

Application Specifications: Initial application at 70 ft2/gal (1.78 m2/L).

Maintenance Requirements: Quarterly re-applications at 150 ft2/gal (3.56m2/L), as needed.

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